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QC Chapter 3 Pt. 2
There he was. The moon had emerged from the cloud cover, and for a moment the Seraphim boy was silhouetted by its glow. Before now, Avail had only caught glimpses of his tan hair and flickers of his clothes as he passed alongside a blurry streetlight or an illuminated window. In the moment that he had drifted across the street and through the crisp moonlight, she had seen his tail. Even though she retained a distance of about fifty meters away, there was no doubting the fact that this was her subject. A grin spread across her face for a moment, before she realized its presence, subdued it, and put her mind back on task.
The boy moved silently, but awkwardly. At first it seemed like he was just being clever, weaving to and fro and changing directions frequently as if he were trying to lose a trail. But he seemed to have no set purpose or destination whatsoever. His stealth techniques were poor and sloppy, he took loose turns that left him out in the open, and the longer he moved erratic
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DevAca - Puppetry by KippoTec DevAca - Puppetry :iconkippotec:KippoTec 1 23
Quadrivium Cartographer Ch. 3. Pt. 1
Avail snorted insults at the unresponsive Spiritual Wave Receiver clutched in her hands. She popped off the back of the machine and checked its batteries. She tapped it on the wall, and then whacked it. She prayed that it would come back on. It had died at the worst possible time and she couldn’t figure out why. She leaned with her back against the wall and looked up at the black sky. The air smelled of asphalt and rain.
This isn’t going so well,’ she thought. ‘Not at all.’ There was a movement in the street and she perked up as it caught her eye. She held her breath, straining her sight to see into the darkness. She heard a shuffling of little feet, the crashing of a trash can, and a little dog bolt with something in its mouth. Avail sighed and sagged back against the wall. She felt so blind in this strange and smelly city without the SWR. The receiver had been comforting, like an extra pair of eyes watching out
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Shameful little marks by KippoTec Shameful little marks :iconkippotec:KippoTec 1 12 DevAca - The Winter Ball Invitation by KippoTec DevAca - The Winter Ball Invitation :iconkippotec:KippoTec 3 25 DevAca - Grema's Winter Ball dress concept by KippoTec DevAca - Grema's Winter Ball dress concept :iconkippotec:KippoTec 4 15
QC Chapter 2, pt. 2
            The boy stumbled on a disembodied head on his way out the door. His mind was preoccupied by other matters and he didn’t catch the pale milky glow of the little head in the luminescent atmosphere. It gave under his weight, squishing down under the tip of his sneaker and cracking under the stress. But then it popped out from under his shoe and scuttled across the hallway in an oblique bounce. It spun and bobbed off the wall, coming to a rest in a bath of moonlight, staring at him with its lifeless plastic eye. The other one had popped out under his foot.
            This place was absolutely delightful, the boy thought. He was already disheartened by the pervading haze in his mind, but the claustrophobic and menacingly empty atmosphere of the dead housing complex made it impossible to think straight. He shuffled d
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DevAca- AoM Assignment 1 by KippoTec DevAca- AoM Assignment 1 :iconkippotec:KippoTec 6 18 Comrades by KippoTec Comrades :iconkippotec:KippoTec 34 36
QC Chapter 2, pt. 1
The ambient sounds of city life whirled around in his head, twisting into menacing shapes and bright silhouettes of those loved and lost, dancing in dreams that weighed heavily on his clouded heart. One hundred and sixty cycles of the earth around the sun danced before his subconscious, danced into the whirling sound, and danced away. They faded into the noise, those that were loved and lost becoming the same, chiming after him to come and join them. His heart burned after them, and the flames licked under his chin and in the corners of his eyes. He could not keep up with them.
And then they were gone. Extinguished, just like that. The searing heat dispersed into an empty chasm. Through mercy or punishment, he faced a cold new reality. A fresh start nipped at his nose. And at his toes. And everywhere else.
Man it was cold. He sat up, his lim
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Bedstuck by KippoTec Bedstuck :iconkippotec:KippoTec 2 7
QC Chapter 1, pt. 4
             As her eyes adjusted to the dark shroud, she began to shift about the dank surroundings she found herself in. She prodded with her hands before she stepped, apprehensive of what she might find, or trip over. The cave she had appeared in seemed to have shelves hanging on the walls, with dusty cans of paint, rolls of moldy paper, and other forgotten things piled on. Mason jars were absolutely everywhere. Most were empty or broken on the floor, but a few were filled with some dark, thick liquid, which Avail hoped was honey or molasses. It sure looked like something else.
             Firmly deciding that she was indeed out of the Interplane and not in some horrible sub-dimension, or in a dungeon, or blind, her thoughts slowed slightly, and she remembered it was safe to remove her Blanka mask. It released from her face when she brought her hands up to it, and she slipped it in her coat. In turning, she nearl
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QC Chapter Ch. 1, pt. 3
            Avail’s foot had carried her over an unexpected edge. The rush of events pouring over her may have justified her forgetfulness, but the unmitigated drop from the gateway didn’t forgive her for it. She fell hard, stumbling and tripping and finally sailing face-first into the fine white sand of the Interplane. She almost vanished into the powdery grain, but she scrambled upright like a drunken crab and clapped her hands over her mask, her heart thumping in fear that it had come loose in her graceless entry. It hadn’t.
           She righted herself, crouching in the sand and taking a few short breaths in an attempt to calm her shaken nerves. She realized where she was.
           ‘Well, gravity still works,’ she noted as her eyes scanned the emptiness around her. She was completely surrounded by the very quintessence of whiteness. In
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QC Chapter 1, p. 2
            The blizzard had subsided within the hour, and the gatekeepers of the Obsa-ran were approved to begin the ritual.
            “Status update—get me a status update!” called the plucky conductor of the procedure from atop his pedestal. The quiet start-up procedure had already been completed. It was now time for the good part.
            “Approaching Stage F-W, gateway functional in fifteen,” came the loyal reply of the engineer.
            “Right then. Chiming the bells I say! In three, in two…and, one!”
            With the signal of the conductor’s finger and a tapping of his feet on the pedals, the bells rang out in magical chorus. The air itself reverberate
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QC Chapter 1, p. 1
Quadrivium Cartographer
-Strike of Six-
      The obstinately relentless snow powdered the short, hooded figure of the last living Seraph until she too was absorbed into the whiteness that consumed everything. The wind clutched her and threatened to pull her down, to bury her in the snow already ensnaring her ankles. Even her own lungs objected to being out in this unpleasant weather much longer. They burned hot and cold, but still she continued. She opposed the onslaught of the blizzard tenaciously; trudging her way through the twisting streets of the labyrinth city of Sanctus, the resilient bed of snow ruffled by her feet quickly repairing itself behind her.
       The colossal structure of the Church of Rector loomed ahead of her—over her—its golden clock eye critiquing disparagingly anyone who dare approach its foundation; it never seemed to like what it saw. The southwestern Enclotowli gonged in the distance, its omniscient t
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QC Chapter 0
Quadrivium Cartographer
-The Bear and the Tree-
To my old chap, Gwaine,
Salutations, General. It's come to my attention through word on the street that you've found yourself a little demon to call your child. An adoption is a most wonderful thing indeed. However, surely she must have been the bargain orphan of the day; you certainly didn't pay full-price for such a broken thing, did you? Well, regardless of her species, (and for that matter, sanity) a smidgen of family is exactly what you've needed. I know how you've been pining away in your little house, all alone since your wife…no, I apologize. If this parchment wasn't so expensive, I'd just crumple it up and start again. No point in bringing up the past, is there?
But, I digress. I'm rather aware of the significance of this event as well—a Seraphim child in our midst? In our Court? I dare say she'll serve quite the function in our city, won't she? Not only is she inapplicable to most o
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It's me again, admin from Aurumart-seed, dohohoho. Man it looks like there's some intense symbolism here. Composition wise, there's not...


And once you fall off, you just lie there, staring at the sky, smelling the grass and picturing every cloud as something from a TWSS joke.

But really, I've been busy...just not with dA stuff.

School, archery practice, fletching arrows, getting my claws into the college I want to go to, and of course, catching up in my gaming, I've been quite busy!

I haven't been drawing much, except for some skull and eye studies I did the other night. I'm getting geared up to go in a drawing rampage soon; I plan on presenting a sort of portfolio to the local private college and see if that wins me any favors. It probably won't, but everything counts.

I'm also going to need to start seriously studying for the SAT. I have been all year, more of a lax effort, but one that's steadily progressed. But I need to kick myself to get INTO it more, before I take it in June. I'd rather not re-take it a bunch of times if I can get away with it, lol.

Also, I'm absolutely drowning in delicious books to be read. I'm a very slow reader, so it's taking me a while to get through anything, and it doesn't help that I'm juggling three or four books at a time. I've got Inheritance going, and War and Peace, both of which I started like four months ago. In my defense though, I actually only just picked Inheritance back up, and I'm already about a fourth into it, while I've been chipping away at War and Peace nearly every day. I've gotten into the habit of reading nearly everything at least twice, so I can better understand what image the author is trying to portray, and what holes he or she might have left in their writing. I've been picking apart W.A.P. especially. It's just deserves its place in great world history. I'm surprised at how well it's held up over the years. It actually still makes sense in today's world, and has a beautiful way of developing its characters. Andrew Bolkonski and Natasha Rostov are two of my favorite characters, and I've been reading for what seems like such a while that I feel like I know them personally. And I'm not even half-way through the book yet. That's skill right there. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Tolstoy.

I also picked up a copy of the Hunger Games, which I will devour shortly. I've been curious as to what all this hubub is about.

Also, I found a copy of Bioshock: Rapture, which is so amazing I haven't even gotten past the second chapter. I started fanboying so hard I had to put it down just to catch a breath, and I haven't tried reading it for a few days.

So here's my brief mental sketch of what I have my time more-or-less organized into:

4 and a half hours of school every day, writing not included

Another hour and a half of SAT study, which I seriously need to start cracking down on

At least and hour and a half to two hours of archery practice every day, (gotta start building muscle!)

at least an hour towards drawing exercises, I won't reach my dream of illustrating my book without practice

an hour and a half to two hours of reading time, which helps for SAT study, my own writing, and shortens the pile I have on my desk

about half an hour to an hour spent with my animals, particularly my dog, who won't even pee in her own pen and has to be let out for stretches

undefined amount at night spent answering messages on dA/playing games. I have horrible sleeping habits. I find it very difficult to even consider sleep before one in the morning. It's pretty bad, but I see 1 as early, especially on the weekends.

Oh, and I've been writing. A lot. I never stop writing, or editing, or re-reading. I just haven't posted anything onto dA.
I don't know why, really. I guess I just want to present a finished piece to dA, and I can't, yet. Everything I post is still kind of mushy and malleable, and subject to change. I like the idea of dropping my work into a bubbling, boiling vat of input and suggestions from you guys, but so far everything's only been lightly fried, with a few tasty morsels cooked to perfection. I dunno, I guess I want it to be read and enjoyed more, and I feel like I fail at that a lot of the time.

I'm not complaining here, I don't mind my schedule at all. I'm well aware that, since I don't have a job, I have a very rare opportunity to actively practice and hone my various skills and interests, and I'm also aware that this window of time is closing rapidly. It's just a lot, and I need to get myself in gear if I want to make anything of these last free months before work/college.

K, journal rant over.


OH. Yeah.

Since I've been gone for a while, a lot of my messages have piled up, to the point that a few of them have gone unanswered for such a long time that I almost feel a bit awkward answering them. Tell me, would you guys prefer it if an old comment just not be bothered with, and to move on to new stuff, or do you like getting replies, no matter how long ago you originally commented?
  • Playing: Bioshock :D
  • Eating: Slim jims


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